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Hi everyone!
First of all sorry that I can't speak Norway's language.
Yesterday I was in Tofte, there was many AM cars. Personaly, im obsest about them, love those cars. Its my passion, unfortunatly still dont have one. How ever, I was whery happy to see them in city I live. I was going to see all of them,beautifful.. But when I come closer to most of those cars, I started to be a littlebit disappointed about painting and polishing jobs on them, most of them was terribly painted, horrible.. Polishing, many of them is well, terrible, full of holograms.. Those cars should look perfect. Thats why i desided to offer you people my hands, polishing is my passion is well, after my job, cars look brilliant, I can offer the highest quality. All I say is not only beacause I whant you to bring them for me and make money,no. I just whant them to look perfect. People, if you love those cars, love them properly please.

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